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Tone and form

I've realized how important our form and tone is when it comes not only to our workout routine but our prayer life...

How do we approach a holy God?  Do we revere who he really is in our lives?  Does his holiness mean anything to us?  How do we play out the fact that we are messed up and He is perfect?   

Just like good form means the world to our fitness good "form" means the world to how we approach God... how do we pray?  When do we pray? Do we even pray?  Do we even take the time out to thank God for the little things that he blesses us?

God is holy... we are not... we need to approach him with reverence, respect and a humble heart... he longs to help us and connect w/ us but the ? is are we even bothering to connect with Him?

Where is he in your life today... every day is a brand new day you can start that amazing connection with Him right now.. right where you are @... dont neglect the most important thing in your life... Jesus. for more tips on nutrition/weight loss etc.



Kj52, Isaac Knox, Heir Jordan, Sicily, Jerrell Johnson + more..


Attempting to break the Guiness book of world records record for the longest freestyle (team) of 10 hrs & 2 minutes


Jan 12th 2014 9am till ???


Crossover church 



To bring glory to God and raise awareness and $$ for various charities..


Improvisational freestyling using crowd topics/objects & suggestions from the online streaming feed.  Various freestyle games will be utilized along with beats provided from a live band/dj/Beatboxers etc..

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rawr + boom.

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boom and zoom! 

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let me know what ya think! 

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